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CalQRisk Education addresses the risks which must be managed by Senior Leaders on a continuing basis in order to ensure effectiveness across the organisation as well as keeping the school community safe. Whether those risks arise from the admissions process, funding arrangements, the safeguarding of pupils or staff motivation, CalQRisk Education presents them for thorough assessment and enables any issues identified during the assessment process to be managed through to resolution.

CalQRisk allows Academy Trust to identify and classify the pertinent risks, to treat those that require treatment and to monitor the effectiveness of the measures put in place to control those risks. A variety of detailed reports can be used to evidence the organisation’s risk management efforts while the CalQRisk Dashboard gives Trustees and Senior Leaders a comprehensive view of the organisation’s risk profile in real time.

Risk Management is everybody’s responsibility and the reputation of the Academy Trust is dependent on all of the functions and facilities, and the people associated with them, working together to provide the best educational outcomes possible.

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